Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Day of the Oregon Expedition

Today was the first day of our 8 day Oregon adventure! it was a day full of driving and scenery but all in all it was a fun day. The photo taking started early and as you can see we were all thrilled. Eight days of travel in close quarters - what could possibly go wrong?!

We woke up super early in the morning to go pick up our car at the airport, the sweet sweet marshmellow impala, and then started our journey up-state. Along the way we stopped in Dunsmir which did indeed have the best water in the world and ate at the Cornerstone Bakery for lunch. Just like the last time we were there the food was delicious. Mom got a turkey burger on foccacia, Dad got a tuscan white bean and tomato soup, and I got a crispy halibut sandwich with a caper thyme mayo.
Within a few hours of eating lunch we arrived in Ashland, Oregon. We stopped at Web.sters yarn shop where Mom bought a skein of "crazy zuberball" and then walked around most of downtown Ashland picking up various crafting supplies. We got fabric for some projects, a pattern, and some beads to make earrings and stitch markers. Along the way we stopped at a sweet shop that served stumptown coffee where Mom got some peppermint patty ice cream and an iced mocha. I got the rainbow sherbet and Dad got a cupcake with marshmellow frosting, in honor of the impala.

We ate dinner at the Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland and it was a pretty good meal. Dad got a wood fired pretzel and since it was his first day of his Oregon brewfest, an entire flight of beer.
Mom got the cobb salad, which didn't have beets, and a glass of local resiling, and I got the pizza. It was satisfying and an ok price, and Dad seemed to like his beer.
Tomorrow we're going to our fav breakfast place in Ashland, Morning Glory, then heading up to Eugene and Crater Lake!

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  1. ok did you all know I was born in Dunsmuir? Its a fact you all need to take note of, since there hasen't been a hospital there since 1943