Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello blog... long time no see!!!

It has been awhile since we have posted.... Bad blogger! And it was one of my resolutions to try and post once a week! All is well... January and February just flew by.

Lets see January was Mine and T.'s 20th Anniversary! Can you believe it? We can't! We went out to a great dinner at Mulvaney's which is one our favorite restaurant's. We tried to get away but just no time...

February was pretty uneventful... I guess some of you follow T. on his facebook so maybe there is more info there.

And here we are now in March... And T. brought me home a "gift" of wait.... the FLU!! I was in bed for most of the week and have not been this ill in 14 years! Since we moved into this house, I cannot believe it!

The photo is of Francis.... The "parking lot" turkey at my work and he really LOVES my car!

A post would not be a post without a photo of S. Here she is posing for a friend of mine in a "re-engineeared" Linsey Vonn Olympic hat! Yes she came up with the pattern and made it! Some friends are pretty impressive! And of course S. always feels she is #1.

April will be a big month in the Big. household S. will be making her decision on what 4 year she will be attending. She has been accepted to her backup to the backup of the backup State school. Yes the one she does not want to attend unless all else fails... which is not happening. April 28th at 6 something she will log into a website of the last school to see if she has been accepted... Then her decision must be made... letter of intent has to be submitted the beginning of May! She has applied to 4 UC's and 2 state. And we are keeping our fingers crossed she gets into the one she wants! S. has worked really hard, has great grades and will have her A.A. in May so we are not really concerned except for the fact the the schools here in CA are cutting back so much. We will keep you posted on any developments.

Well last but not least.... here is a blanket that I made for a dear friends daughters baby boy that was born this morning! Welcome to the world Landon!