Sunday, September 27, 2009

T here -
Spent Saturday with Kate in Davis at the Farmers Market. She was a little pouty last week when she found that I had gone there with Spencer - LOL.
Kate picked up Sunday breakfast (the cinnamon rolls) as well as some fresh fruits and local honey. (She of course is "my local honey").
What day with Cathie would not include a little yarn.

Finished up our morning in Davis with a stop at BlackBear diner. Its a small chain that has started to open up in Northern California. Pancakes, Waffles - and of course the elixir of life coffee.
It was a pretty lazy day - Farmers Market, Antique shopping, some time at the mall (very sad that Red Mango yogurt came and went so fast - I don't even think it lasted a year in the mall). Spencer cooked dinner - marinated grilled chicken with a salad, very nice.

Very nice weekend - the way a weekend should be.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Berkeley Solano Street Stroll

Drizzly day - but I like the low temperatures versus the 90+ degree heat we've been having. The day turned out wonderful - with only a few drops at the end of the day.

We started off early in the morning, grabbing some coffee and bagels at Panera Bakery - then off to Berkeley. Well really off to get some more to eat and do a little shopping.
First stop was Article Pract for some yarn shopping and of course just a few steps away - Bake Sale Betty for some great baked goods and their famous chicken sandwich. It is very delicious with the slightly spicy cole slaw. Their ironing board tables are so much fun to eat at.
We then hopped on the Bart on our way to North Berkeley and the Solano Street Stroll. It was a classic Berkeley mix with a marching band playing B52's Love Shack to some Beach Boy wanna be's , every type of food from BBQ Oysters on the half shell to funnel cakes. It was a long, long street stroll - over a mile and a half of things to see and hear and taste. Naturally I was able to locate a local yarn shop where I found a new knitting book that I've been struggling to find. T says - the yarn minx has honed her yarn hunting skills to that of a fine tuned machine. LOL.
At the end of the day we had one more stop to make - 4th Street Berkeley. We had dinner at a little Mexican Restaurant and a stroll around 4th Street. I found this comfy chair at CB2 which passed my knitting trial - comfy - arm room - fun fabric - would look cute in my house, Check, Check, Check and CHECK! Only down side - delivery fee from Berkeley to Roseville ... : (

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nice Labor Day Weekend

We managed to do some yard work and house work this long weekend. T took me to breakfast on Sunday at Cafe Bernardo where I ate my favorite Eggs Benedict. Perfect amount of runny egg with crunchy toast. T had his Bernardo Breakfast Burrito and country potatoes.

While we were away on vacation Boundin opened in the Fountains (a lifestyle mall that has opened recently in Roseville). Still without a properly stocked pantry (it was Monday, it was hot, it was 10 am, the sky was blue, pick your excuse) we rode our bikes over to try their breakfast menu. I had their almond croissant - very yummy! T had their sausage breakfast sandwich.

For Monday night dinner T cooked steamed/BBQ mussels. A quick bath in boiling water with salt, parsley wine and a little butter - then off to the grill for a quick turn. Mixed with some pasta that I made - Dinner is served!

While there T whipped up some prosciutto wrapped figs on the BBQ as well (prior to putting the mussels on). The sweet and savory of the green and purple figs against the prosciutto was very yummy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You are still my # 1

45 Years and one day - still - "Thank you" for a wonderful birthday - and all our years together. You are still my # 1!

Off to work.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Awwww... Thank you my wonderful spouse!!

You are not second - you are #1.

Thank you for a wonderful birthday - with all my gifts and my cake and special meal.
It's been a bit rough with all my work and security audit - and you have made it a wonderful day to end with.

Love you!!!

And thank you Spencer for being a wonderful daughter who made yummy whip cream to go on my cake and made a very special card by hand! You are very talented like your mother.

Love you too!!!!

Guess who is 45 today!!!!!

No Not me.... I have long past that!! But it is the love of my life's B-Day!!

Happy! Happy! Birthday Stud-Puppy!!

See he always has his "Precious" with him.. I am a close 2nd though!!