Monday, September 7, 2009

Nice Labor Day Weekend

We managed to do some yard work and house work this long weekend. T took me to breakfast on Sunday at Cafe Bernardo where I ate my favorite Eggs Benedict. Perfect amount of runny egg with crunchy toast. T had his Bernardo Breakfast Burrito and country potatoes.

While we were away on vacation Boundin opened in the Fountains (a lifestyle mall that has opened recently in Roseville). Still without a properly stocked pantry (it was Monday, it was hot, it was 10 am, the sky was blue, pick your excuse) we rode our bikes over to try their breakfast menu. I had their almond croissant - very yummy! T had their sausage breakfast sandwich.

For Monday night dinner T cooked steamed/BBQ mussels. A quick bath in boiling water with salt, parsley wine and a little butter - then off to the grill for a quick turn. Mixed with some pasta that I made - Dinner is served!

While there T whipped up some prosciutto wrapped figs on the BBQ as well (prior to putting the mussels on). The sweet and savory of the green and purple figs against the prosciutto was very yummy!

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  1. I saw the picture, then I read the relieved that you weren't eating some kind of bug with legs!!!!! Prosciutto wrapped figs.......YUMMY! T is such a good husband! Glad you hear you had an enjoyable weekend! Miss you all. :(