Monday, July 5, 2010

This is just a picture filled post!!

T and I headed to the coast a few weeks ago... Fort Bragg to be exact. A wonderful time was had by all! Great food (of course), a fabulous bakery and beer with the locals... The stories I could tell! Lets just say they can drink in Fort Bragg!The weather was perfect and the sand was warm! So someone decided to take a nap.
Not sure what this means.....
I am heading down to the beach 600 feet from our cottage... Can we live here?
North coastline is always amazing....

This is T. making a very sweet sand art for me!

How cute is he! I am a lucky girl!

Gigi how do I love you!! Just riding her makes my day!!! Riding across the wooden
trestle bridge in Fort Bragg.
Our last day of vaca! We spent it in Mendocino.... Wish I was still there!
Last but not least it was my big 50!! Had a great week of celebrating!
That is a rhubarb upside down cake!!