Sunday, October 18, 2009

Butter Sunday

The morning started off with Fritatas - these were Halloween Fritatas with some purple potatoes. Okay - Fritatas is really Spanish for kitchen sink so they just happened to be in the fridge with all the other needed ingredients - butter, onion, red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers from the garden, cheese, as well as some carnitas al pastor (mildly spicy pork).

Going with the halloween theme - there happened to be a potato that ended up looking like a heart. I gave that slice of the final product to Cathie with a kiss - which I guess is better than a vampire neck hickey. At least it didn't look like Nixon - I would not have known what to do with that!
We ended up going out on a bike ride at around noon, off to Whole Foods for some grocery items. (Having ended my 30 day protest against Whole Foods for the stupid comments from their president about health care. It never ceases to amaze me how the biggest asses seem to run companies - he had been investigated earlier by the SEC for making disparaging posts about a competitor (Wild Oats) under an assumed name while trying to drive a bargain with them. You have so much potential to do good - and instead - you choose to be a jerk. Rant Rant Rant - I'm done now - okay - just for now.)
While there we picked up some plantains for an afternoon snack - a little more butter, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla - to be combined with ice cream.
With all the wet weather the ponds and streams in the area had filled up bringing back the ducks. They are right along the bike path and seem to be very used to people riding or walking by. Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that they get feed regularly through out the day by "concerned citizens". I believe they shout "Let them eat bread" - as it gets closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas I'm certain it will be replaced with the more frequent "Off with their heads". (Hey it's better than the "Let them eat Quackers" joke I was going to tell.)
One of them tried to stare me down!
(Okay - he did win - he was big - and then he puffed up - I ran away screaming like a little girl. Or that's what C said - I thought it was more like a mature woman than a little girl. And not so much screaming.... okay - it was like a little girl - but he was puffy....)

Oddest moment of the day - when riding away from the pond C and I saw something in the corner. It was moving kind of funny and we couldn't tell what exactly it was - ended up being a little gardner snake swimming in the pond.

Well that's about all the excitement for this week.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Felted Fridays??? This thing seems to only be updated on Sunday!

What's up with that?!

Had a very nice weekend. Went out to Sutter Creek on Saturday to see Robin and Ardis. It was the annual Street Organ Rally with several unique organs from newly made to antique. We had lunch with them at the Twisted Fork. It was very nice.

Seemed everyone had some kind of stuffed or automated monkey at the Rally. Maybe next year they will do a Monkey and Organ Rally Extravaganza - or MORE. Hopefully people enjoy the music - wouldn't want it to become MORE Grinding. Just so long as they don't combine it with a debate festival - it might be called the Blow Harder Festival. Which would be better than DAMN MORE (Debate and Annual Musical Notes and Monkey Organ Rally Extravaganza).

All right - enough with the humor.
While there we visited the local glass blowing (there we go again with blowing - what is it with Sutter Creek) store. (Okay - honestly that was the last one.) We had purchased some glass flowers there several years prior. It was good to see that he was still at it - and that he had a very nice selection.
We also stopped at Amador City - where wonder of wonders - Yarn was discovered. Not only was the yarn appropriately nappy and crazy colored - but it was cheap! SSSSHHHHH!!!! Don't tell!! The store owner was the one that spun the yarn - but had no idea of how to knit. She showed us some very fun and colorful wool that she was going to spin up later in the week.

Spencer will be very excited that her handbag is now complete! But more on that next week.

Hopefully before Sunday!

T & C (T did the jokes)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday - Sunday - Sunday

It's been several Sundays of not getting much done - despite the endless lists of things that need to get done.

Cathie and I had a bike ride to breakfast this morning. Rode up to Panera for Pink Ribbon Bagels (Cherry and Cranberry). Besides the fact that Cathie loves the bagels - the purchase does go toward a good cause of funding breast cancer research.

We actually did get a number of things done. I medicated the mouth of my koi with what the vet call "Neosporum for fish" - The antibiotic food wasn't there Saturday. They will get a shipment Wednesday. Cathie will have to pick it up.
Cathie and Spencer are trying to one up me and Devin on the pumpkin "contest" - which consisted of them getting two very large pumpkins last week - and then - waiting a few days until all the big ones were gone - and then announcing that "Game On" - we were in a contest.

Well - little do they know that I have a plan. And that plan is ... uhh.. cough... cough... I can't.... ugggghhhhhh....