Sunday, October 11, 2009

Felted Fridays??? This thing seems to only be updated on Sunday!

What's up with that?!

Had a very nice weekend. Went out to Sutter Creek on Saturday to see Robin and Ardis. It was the annual Street Organ Rally with several unique organs from newly made to antique. We had lunch with them at the Twisted Fork. It was very nice.

Seemed everyone had some kind of stuffed or automated monkey at the Rally. Maybe next year they will do a Monkey and Organ Rally Extravaganza - or MORE. Hopefully people enjoy the music - wouldn't want it to become MORE Grinding. Just so long as they don't combine it with a debate festival - it might be called the Blow Harder Festival. Which would be better than DAMN MORE (Debate and Annual Musical Notes and Monkey Organ Rally Extravaganza).

All right - enough with the humor.
While there we visited the local glass blowing (there we go again with blowing - what is it with Sutter Creek) store. (Okay - honestly that was the last one.) We had purchased some glass flowers there several years prior. It was good to see that he was still at it - and that he had a very nice selection.
We also stopped at Amador City - where wonder of wonders - Yarn was discovered. Not only was the yarn appropriately nappy and crazy colored - but it was cheap! SSSSHHHHH!!!! Don't tell!! The store owner was the one that spun the yarn - but had no idea of how to knit. She showed us some very fun and colorful wool that she was going to spin up later in the week.

Spencer will be very excited that her handbag is now complete! But more on that next week.

Hopefully before Sunday!

T & C (T did the jokes)

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  1. OK....I'm thinking alcohol was involved in the making of this post! :) No...seriously. Well, no....yes, seriously! You guys crack me up!
    And I love that your Felted Fridays blog is never updated on Fridays...keeps me on my toes. Oh how I miss having you as neighbors!
    Have a wonderful week. Until next Sunday!