Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday - Sunday - Sunday

It's been several Sundays of not getting much done - despite the endless lists of things that need to get done.

Cathie and I had a bike ride to breakfast this morning. Rode up to Panera for Pink Ribbon Bagels (Cherry and Cranberry). Besides the fact that Cathie loves the bagels - the purchase does go toward a good cause of funding breast cancer research.

We actually did get a number of things done. I medicated the mouth of my koi with what the vet call "Neosporum for fish" - The antibiotic food wasn't there Saturday. They will get a shipment Wednesday. Cathie will have to pick it up.
Cathie and Spencer are trying to one up me and Devin on the pumpkin "contest" - which consisted of them getting two very large pumpkins last week - and then - waiting a few days until all the big ones were gone - and then announcing that "Game On" - we were in a contest.

Well - little do they know that I have a plan. And that plan is ... uhh.. cough... cough... I can't.... ugggghhhhhh....

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  1. OH yeah! Let the games begin.....just make sure you take pictures and post about it!!!!!