Sunday, September 27, 2009

T here -
Spent Saturday with Kate in Davis at the Farmers Market. She was a little pouty last week when she found that I had gone there with Spencer - LOL.
Kate picked up Sunday breakfast (the cinnamon rolls) as well as some fresh fruits and local honey. (She of course is "my local honey").
What day with Cathie would not include a little yarn.

Finished up our morning in Davis with a stop at BlackBear diner. Its a small chain that has started to open up in Northern California. Pancakes, Waffles - and of course the elixir of life coffee.
It was a pretty lazy day - Farmers Market, Antique shopping, some time at the mall (very sad that Red Mango yogurt came and went so fast - I don't even think it lasted a year in the mall). Spencer cooked dinner - marinated grilled chicken with a salad, very nice.

Very nice weekend - the way a weekend should be.

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