Sunday, August 30, 2009

For those who want the trip summary

Day 1
Food Yummy Lunch in Dunsmuir - where we can attest - they do have "the best water on earth".
Yarn - oh sweet lovely yarn.

(Note the still happy smiles as "pops" snaps some photos - by the end of the day they start to fade)

Day 2
Food Waffles - and yummy stuff made with butter and sugar. Dinner - beer - containing all the food groups in one liquid form. Soon NASA will make this a required food supplement I hear.

Then off to Crater lake

(Note the smile starts to fade - and - it is only day two.) It is like some how my iPhone/Picture taking obsession is starting to interfere in our trip. I can't imagine - can you my precious... my sweet sweet precious.

Day 3
Food - no waffles - but we did have a good lunch in Florence out by the beach. Seal Caves - minus the seals. (Yes - this does prove the global conspiracy that waffles and seals are galactically intertwined - but no time to explain that now) More beer. But also more coffee - yummy yummy coffee.

The photo tolerance level has plateaued as pops has backed off his iPhone and picture taking obsession - poor precious.

Day 4
Morning Glory for breakfast (not the same one in Ashland) - no one told me that cell phones were banned! An iPhone free zone for breakfast?!! UGH!

More touring Eugene - a little yarn shopping - but no purchases. : (

Off to Salem! Then Portland Ho!!!

Day 5
Waffles at the Waffle Window - Yum!
And Yarn!
And where the yarn comes from!
And beer!
(I'm starting to detect a small pattern to this trip.)

No - not bats... Yarn does not come from bats.

The photo excitement is obviously back!!

Day 6
Wine country and downtown Portland.
Burgerville - Yum!
Missed a yarn opportunity... oh well.
Some beer makes it all better - that and an Elk burger for S.

Day 7
Colombia River and fluffy dogs and fluffy yarn and fluffy Alpacas!
A fluffy day over all!

And then a wild time on the Beyond Bizarre tour with special appearance at the end.

Guess it's time to put the iPhone down again.

Day 8
Saturday Market
VooDoo Doughnuts
Yarn - Yarn - Yarn!!!!

Then the flight home!

See you next time Oregon!

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  1. Love the pics people! Also, love hearing your voice C...especially when you are telling T how "over" him you are...classic. And last, but certainly not least, I L.O.V.E. S's grown up and classy. Glad you all have entered the blog's good to "see" you.