Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 6! Who's wining?

Today we headed out to the Willamette Valley (Oregon wine country) for some taste testing and some sight seeing.

We've been packing a lot of driving and activities into the trip - but it has been a lot of fun.

We stopped first at Red Ridge Farms

- then off to Wine Country Farm Cellars and purchased some really nice white wines. We met their dog Vino and their cat... life is rough.

We wound our way through wine country - enjoying the sights. It's hard to compare to Napa. I think you just need to take Napa out of your head when you go and visit other wine regions. We do seem to like the Oregon wines better - but mostly the southern Oregon wines.

We then ate lunch at Burgerville which we really enjoyed - S said that it was as good as Habit Burgers. They had some pulled pork cherry chipotle sandwich - which none of us could manage to order - even as a dare.

We ended the evening by roaming around downtown Portland - discovering Cupcake Jones (we are still faithful to you oh mighty icing on a cupcake of Rocklin) and eating at Deschutes Brewery. I of course had the best thing to go with beer - chili cheese fries!! S had an Elk Burger and K had a BBQ chicken pizza. Then back to the hotel for another nights rest.

DING! DING! DING! - UGH!!!! We just realized we missed a yarn stop all the way out there! Drove right through the town.. oh well - even without the yarn stop it was still a nice day.

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