Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day Ocho

Our final day in Portland. Oregon has had a lot for us on this trip. From massive volcanos that imploded into lakes, to wine country enriched by the very same volcanic activity, to the Mighty O (University of Oregon - and other shows of pride in their academic system), to all the quirky earthy vegan tofu micro beer making great food eating that is Portland - and is Oregon. As their motto says "Keep Oregon Weird" - this day would be all of that.

Our day started early having packed the night before. (We were a bit late - as the Kennedy funeral was being shown and we were inspired by the speeches and ceremony.)

First stop - the Saturday Market. A mix of food, crafts, and "performing arts". It was pretty long, stretching for several blocks near the river. It was busy and full of "as advertised" activities.

S picked up a t-shirt for her beau. And one for herself. T picked up a yummy carnitas tamale - and about 10 pounds from all the food and beer for the past eight days. K - her gifts were yet to come.

After spending some time wandering the market - we needed to refuel and what could be better than a VooDoo doughnut. Where the magic is in the hole - as their slogan says.

T got a MangoTango doughnut (mango filling with a Tang (yes Tang) topping) - K got a Portland Cream (so far - two doughnuts with out a hole - but both very magical) S got a Miami Vice doughnut - a raised doughnut topped with blue sugar and sprinkles. Can we say sugar? Say it quickly before you go into a sugar coma from these little yummies.

Our next stop was the Portland food carts - something we had tried to get to nearly all week long. Sadly not all the carts were open on a Saturday - but with the few that were open - we were not disappointed. T had two carnitas tostadas (obviously a fan of the carnitas), S and K had Thai food - K had a noodle and chicken dish, the noodles were more sweet than hot which is what K likes, and S had a Thai vegan dish with mushrooms and veggies - just what S likes. Also very yummy. We all shared each others meals - and were all very pleased and full.

We continued our walking tour of Portland covering all the areas we missed in the Pearl district.

Along the way we stopped at a few yarn shops and K was pleased with the selections - during the trip the yarn gods have smiled upon K. Additionally K received a very pretty vintage necklace from T.

We didn't have a full day in our last day - but we are tired and have hit all that we can absorb in Portland/Oregon for this trip.

Keep Oregon Weird - so we can enjoy it again when we are sure to return.

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