Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 3 and 4!....Late!

Well better late than never... It is my turn to post so I am sure that is why it's late! Long days and getting back to the room late.

Day 3..

We ended up sleeping in and not getting out until 11:00... Headed out to the coast. Florence to be specific. The drive was a bit longer that we thought due to the fact that Oregon has a policy of "Putting Oregon back to work" by performing road repairs on random stretches of road!!

In Florence we had a wonderful lunch at Bridgewater Restaurant . S had her Chippino which was okay.. T had a shrimp melt and a few work phone calls.... So his onion rings were cold by the time he got back to them! I on the other hand, went with fish (salmon) and chips and they were FABULOUS! After lunch we walked around town for a bit and stopped by Siuslaw coffee roaster shop.. Had a great cup-o-joe and watched the river.

Then it was off to the Sea Lion Caves... No Sea lions in the caves though! I guess if we came back in the winter during a storm there would be 400 or so in the cave for us to see!! Not too sure that is something I would want to see or SMELL!! Still the drive was beautiful. We headed up a bit and stopped by Heceta Head Lighthouse, the beach was wonderful the sand was soft and warm... the water was very cold! We then went down to see the Ocean Dunes... Not so interesting! But we did see some kids "sand-boarding" which S has informed me is NOTHING new or novel! I am getting old I guess because I have never heard of it before this!

Sand Surfing The Biggins' were here!
Day 4

We managed to get an earlier start this morn.. Headed off to Morning Glory for breakfast. Great little breakfast place we heard about from Sunset Magazine. Then off to do a bit of shopping! S found a couple places to hit and of course I found a yarn shop! Unfortunately nothing had to come home with us. We ate lunch at Chipolte ( I know it is sad since we can have that at home anytime) and S's face almost got attacked the giant praying mantis pictured above. Then we headed off to Salem... Much larger than Eugene. Had a great cup of Gelato.. Tiramisu!


  1. I wondered why you wanted to see the sand dunes in Oregon. Its a place where BIG boys play with thier toys and blow dust all over. Please post photo's cuz I like those better than reading all those words.....