Sunday, August 23, 2009

National Park Day!!

Today was our second day in the glorious state of Oregon, the land of trees and chipmunks. Our plan for the day was to eat at our favorite breakfast place Morning Glory in Ashland which was uber tasty then head up to Crater Lake and Eugene. At Morning Glory, Mom got a lemon ricotta stuffed french toast, Dad got a corned beef and hash mess on a plate and I got a buttermilk waffle with lemon butter and some fresh huckleberry preserves. All in all it was a super tasty breakfast, minus the cinnamon Dad put in my coffee. In my opinion, we connisours don't need fancy flavors in our coffees; which by the way includes cream and sugar. After our breakfast we started the long drive up to Crater Lake. We stopped at couple places, one of which being the Rouge River Gorge outlook. It was full of rapids and waterfalls and crazy people looking for a great photograph. O yea...and chipmunks! Crater Lake was gorgeous and it was a beautiful day. Only about 80 degrees or so! The lake was so amazingly clear and blue it was almost unbelievable. We ate at the lodge which had some super tasty stagg chili and some pretty cool souveniers. I mean, where else are you going to find necklaces made from real horsehair? We drove about halfway around the lake then headed out across the pumice desert, which my father threatened to roll me around in. Most of the ride up to Eugene was full of national parks and forests so it was a no cell phone service day; my thumbs suffered greatly from withdrawls. It was a beautiful drive though, much more woodsy than I'm used to. We ate in Downtown Eugene at a place called cornicopia where I had absolutely the best ever burger. It was made from free range beef from a local farm and it was charred to perfection. My mom got sliders and my dad continued his brewfest with a local stout and a guiness pot pie. Tomorrow we're off to the coast for some fish and some more adventures!!

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