Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 7 - Rogue trip... no wait - Road Trip.

Off to see Mount Hood today and some waterfalls.

What's that ... what do I spy with my little eye??? Yarn - Yarn way out here - K and S say "no" can't be yarn out here... Oh ye of little faith..

Yarn and fluffy fluffy white doggies... and Alpacas!!! Oh Joy!

It's the Mother Load of the trip!

How can the majesty of the Colombia River hold up? It's going to be tough...

Despite the scenic beauty - we did have a date to catch. A date with a "Beyond Bizarre" tour of Portland. And it lived up to it's name. Not so much for the fascinating tail of ghosts, murder and strange happenings - that was all very interesting, but for the entertaining girl that helped us end the tour. She got off the train just as we were headed back to our point of origin - out of the mist she came, okay - really she just walked off the train, started talking and just wouldn't stop. Fortunately the only focus of her attention was our poor tour guide who did just about everything to get her to stop and let her finish the tour.

As with the majesty we had seen earlier this day - this little force of nature would only be stopped with the passage of time. Her connecting train came - and off she went.

Off to the hotel - one more day to go!

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