Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well S. has heard from 3 of her schools... Here she is deciding will it be close to home with a "fabulous" Farmers Market on Saturdays, bike friendly and a Black Bear diner!

OR will it be beach side at her "FAVORITE" restaurant SAMBOS!

The final decision has not been made but she got the news today that she has been accepted to UC Santa Barbara!!! This is her first choice... We are so happy for her and very excited that she got in!! She has also been accepted to UC Davis (her backup) and Chico State (her backup to the back up). We are waiting to hear from 2 other schools before she makes her choice! We will not know until the end of the month on the other 2... But she did a little happy dance when she received the news today!

Of course when she told me we were walking around Pottery Barn.... And
she nonchalantly says" Oh by the way I got into Santa Barbara ".... WHATS UP WITH THAT!! I let a great big whoop!! And called T. immediately... Of course he did not answer his phone!!! UGH!! But he did call back while we were still there and was also VERY happy for her!

Unfortunately she has to work tonight... But a celebration will be had soon!!

Have a great week!!


  1. Congrats Spencer!!! I'm very proud of you!!!!
    T (the guy who was on the phone with another "wonderful" client)

  2. Go Spencer.....I would to to Santa Barbara..whoohoo...go girl...

  3. Wow..your dance card is full girl! You certainly have the pick of the crop! All good options! What fun!