Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where has March gone?

Day 67

My favorite colors all in one piece of fabric!

Day 68

Beginning of my Sue Spargo class.
Loving the handwork so far!

Day 69
Sue Spargo Leaf Sampler!

Day 70

Sue Spargo again!
One day I am hoping to make one of these!

Day 71

My first lady bug!

Day 72

Easter in the Bigg house!

 Day 73


 Day 74

I can't grow them outside...
So I brought them inside!

Day 75

Crazy quilt with decorative stitches....
Don't think I will ever make another one of these!
Not enjoying the process.

Day 76


Day 77

Romantic dinner with my honey at Midtown Eats!

Day 78

First blocks of Crazy Quilt put together!

Day 79

Hope for a new cupcake to love..
Sadly a disappointment...

Day 80


Day 81

Or this?

Day 82

Pieces for Spencer's Easter tote!

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