Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Long have I evaded the creation of a blog, but lo it has defeated me. Today I join the parallel universe called the internet. Many before me have taken this path, but none shall do what I quest to do. It will be a long and arduous journey that may end in failure, but if I am to succeed there will be great celebration. Please follow my journey!!!


  1. Don Julio you are looking very saucey today! It appears from your wifes photo that she has dropped a stitch in your sweater! Is that fancy possum fur from down-under? Is it camel fur? Bamboo? Sea silk!!! That is it! Sea silk for her fine Don Julio. (much better than the dog fur sweater she was going to make you - which expressed her "joy" over how helpful you are around the house).

    Well very nice blog - and I look forward to your Felted Friday updates.

  2. WHAT! You who has no time to read blogs now has one. Is there a very young secretary blogging for you? And your photo is something nobody should have to see BEFORE breakfast!

  3. Please post again soon so I don't see that picture. It will scroll down into the out of sight area. Felted, JR. I expect cupcakes pictured on this blog when I return from Mom's and maybe even a cupcake to sample your baking abilities!